True Clover Story

A Four-leaf Clover comes home after 54 years.

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL - This is a true story of a lucky little 4-leaf clover that begins during World War II. In 1941 with the world at war, many turned their thoughts to wishes of good luck and special momentos to carry them through those difficult times. Such was the case for Lela Remington, a U.S. Army nurse in training in Mississippi. She would be leaving for duty abroad and wanted to send her sister and brother-in-law a special greeting for their first wedding anniversary. She picked a 4-leaf clover greeting card to send to Gayle and Dee McCormick, then living in Michigan. The card was treasured and safely tucked away to preserve those special wishes. Time passed, the war ended and life returned to normal for many years. Then in 1995, something unusual happened to the clover. Gayle passed away, Lela had died earlier and no one else knew of the sentimental lucky charm, until it was discovered among Gayle's personal momentos. The ironic twist to this story is that the card was returned to Gayle's niece, Dandy Safko, who with her husband are the present owners of Clover Specialty Company where the clover on the card was grown 54 years earlier. The card, still in the original envelope, bearing a 3¢ stamp, postmarked Sep 29 1941 from Jackson, Miss., has been safely tucked away in the company's scrapbook.
Gayle's lucky little clover has returned home.