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History of Clover Specialty Company

Company History

Clover Specialty Company began in 1939 as Daniels Clover Specialty Company for the purpose of growing and preserving genuine four-leaf clovers. In 1983, the company was bought by the Safko family and renamed Clover Specialty Company. In 1997, the Clover Specialty Company product line was introduced on the internet as Clovers Online.

Plant Identification

The plants we grow are White Clover, Trifolium repens, considered by most authorities to be the "Original Irish Shamrock" (The World Book Encyclopedia, Vol.17, 1993, Academic American Encyclopedia, Vol.17, 1990, Collier's Encyclopedia, Vol. 20, 1992 and Clover Science and Technology, N.L.Taylor, 1985 to name a few.

Plant Picking and Preserving

The four-leaf clovers are individually hand-picked from among the three-leaf clovers. The leaves go through an exclusive 5 step process that preserves the leaves in their natural green color and prevents decay.

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