Facts about 5-leaf Clovers

Facts about Real Five Leaf Clovers

Are there "real" Five-leaf Clovers?

Yes, the 5-leaf clover is a mutation like the 4-leaf clover that does appear occasionally, but less common than the 4-leaf clover. There are 6, 7 and other multiple leaf clovers that sometimes occur.

What are the superstitions?

The superstition for the 5-leaf clover is extra good luck and attracting money. The 6-leaf clover is sometimes believed to symbolize fame. I have not come across any published information on the superstitions of other multiple leaf clovers.

What is the frequency of the 5 and other multiple leaf clovers?

Since the 5-leaf and other multiple leaf clovers are random mutations and affected by weather and growing conditions, any individual studies would probably be meaningless

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