How to grow Oxalis

How to Grow the Good Luck Oxalis Plant

The Good Luck Plant:
The shamrock plants that are sold around St. Patrick's Day are usually species of Oxalis. Oxalis leaves are clover shaped and can be shades of green, red, or purple. The oxalis blossoms can be white, yellow, pink or red. The Good Luck Plant Oxalis Deppei has green leaves and pink blossoms. This is also known as the Lucky Shamrock Plant or Iron Cross Plant. The leaflets fold up at night or during overcast days and open during daylight hours.

Tips on Growing Oxalis Deppei:

When you receive the bulbs they should be planted immediately or refrigerated until you're ready to plant. Oxalis Deppei prefers a SUNNY LOCATION for best growth and flowering. These plants prefer soil that is kept barely moist and will do fine if the soil dries slightly between watering. Plants should be fertilized only when the plant is actively growing. Any all purpose fertilizer will do. After a period of active growth, the plant should be allowed to rest or go dormant. The first sign that a plant is entering dormancy is leaf die-back. If this begins to occur, stop watering and fertilizing the plant. The leaves can be cut back or allowed to die-back on their own and the plant should be moved to a cool, dark place tor one to three months, after which new foliage will start emerging from the soil. When this occurs, move the plant to a SUNNY LOCATION and begin watering and fertilizing.